Welcome to the Murfreesboro Metal Detecting Club web page. We are glad you took the opportunity to visit our site and encourage you to look around and learn more about our club.  We are located in the geographical center of the great state of Tennessee and have lots of history all around us. Be sure to take a peak a tour additional pages and links to historical sites and be sure to check back often as we are growing and will be updating and adding additional pages as our club grows.

Have you lost an item and need help finding it? If you have an area that you would like our members to search for you, feel free contact us and we will try to assist you.









We are looking forward to cooler days as Fall arrives!

     As Fall begins to approach, most of us are waiting for cooler temperatures and a bit less liquid sunshine. With a change of season also comes a change of club leadership. We have reorganized the leadership within the club and have set up a board of directors. Those positions will be announced in the upcoming weeks and we will be adding a monthly minutes page to the website in case you cant make the meeting. As always, be careful out there and make your next outing a great one!


     Club meetings are at Mt. Hermon Baptist Church,  located at 2433 Mt Herman Rd, Murfreesboro, TN 37127 on the last Tuesday of each month.

Meetings start at 6:30pm. 

The meetings for 2019 are:

January 29 - February  26 - March 26 - April 30 - May 28 - June 265 - July 30 -

August 27 - September 24 - October 29 - November 9 (Club Hunt) - December TBD due to Christmas and New Years Holidays

     Our annual club hunt is November 9, 2020. The cost is $20 and that includes your hunt, prizes, and a meal of delicious BBQ. You must have attended at least 3 club meetings throughout the year and be a paid member to qualify for the hunt.  If you have any questions, please let us know. 


Want to know more about the history of our area?


    Check out the Rutherford County Historical Society page if you are interested in being a part of that organization. They are doing a $25 family membership right now and are giving away a $45 book with the membership. It never hurts to network and get to know more folks when you are trying to find out what something is or if you are trying to get permission somewhere. They meet the 3rd Monday of each month at 7PM at Rutherford County Archive, 415 Rice St., Murfreesboro, TN.

What did I find?

 Many of us use Facebook pages and websites to help identify the items we have found. It is common for an item to no longer exist if it is older and many of us may have never seen it before. You can post your finds on our Facebook page or on one of the many other Facebook groups out there. 

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Club Apparel


If you need a club t-shirt you can order one at www.detectees.com. Click on the CLUB PAGE on the left side and look for our shirts. We will be designing a new shirt in the upcoming weeks. 

Prices are:

T-shirt  $10

T-shirt Long sleeve  $12

Regular Sweatshirt  $15

Hooded Sweatshirt  $20

Hoodie With Zipper $23

Additional charges apply for sizes 2XL and Up